Life Is Like the Ocean



삶이란 바다와 같아서,
잔잔한 호수처럼 고요해보일 때에도 언제 폭풍우로 돌변할 지 알 수 없지만,

좋다. 지금 이 순간.
지금 이 순간을 최대한 음미해야겠다.

Life is like the ocean. You never know when it will turn into a storm even when it is so calm and peaceful like a lake.

Life is so beautiful in this moment of my life.
What I only can do is to taste every single bite of the moment and give my thanks to God.


1. the picture(
2. As I remember, I read a poet or an essay that goes “life is like the ocean” in the army. I wanted to quote it. I couldn’t find it, though. So I wrote it by myself.


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