What Made You Decide to Marry Him or Her?

There are some questions I really like to ask my married friends, and the number one question is always “what made you decide to marry him or her?”

My favorite answer that I’ve ever heard so far was from my friend Bennett. He said, “because she is so beautiful!” Yes, he is a dude. JK.

Anyway, he turned a little bit more serious and said, “she just makes me want to be a better man!!”

How true!! The reason why I like to ask the question is because I have to be prepared for the moment when I have to decide whom to marry, and I am quite sure that it would be a very helpful advice for me to do that!

Therefore, guys, let’s find the girl! go for it!!.. Just do well yourself Ikseong..

Check out this video clip. I didn’t know there is a movie scene like this. Did he quote this movie? No idea. haha;;


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