Life is about LOVE

My number one hobby is to think about life; how to live and how to die. It’s been almost 6 years since I became serious on this topic; I can confidently say I have never stopped thinking about it, not even a single day, because of that, ‘Thoughts on Life’ is the heaviest folder in my blog and Evernote. Even though the conclusion slightly changes every day, I’ve constantly got a vague but quite solid idea, that is the balance between family, work, love, and health as they all matter. So you’ve really gotta give each of them your best shot all the time unless you want to live with regrets. The balance, yes, it sounds like a cliche. But it took 26 years for me to truly understand the meaning.

I just wanted to live a life that changes the world and take a place in the history no matter how much it costs. As I’m growing older, however, it seems to me it’s more about the love. LOVE what you do so that you can accomplish something and, hopefully, leave a legacy on the history along the way. Above of all, LOVE your family, people around you and the time you spend with them because the happiness from them gives you the true energy and willpower to endure all of your daily struggles. The last one is something resonates with me the most these days. One more! MAKE SURE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.




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