Meeting with my Mentor and His Career Advices

I had a one-on-one talk with my mentor who is a Vice-President of one of Samsung’s subsidiaries. Even though he is a man of success, when you talk to him he has a way of making you feel quite comfortable with his humor, wit and insights. I would say he is not only a man of success but also a man of value.

There are three things I took  from the talk, and I think they will have profound impact on my life.

#1. You don’t have to regret or get depressed when changing your career. 

For the last 3 years, I have made my focus on the PV industry, even though I am just a senior with business major, meaning I have a lot of potential career paths. He knew it and asked, “let’s say you got a job in the industry, but unfortunately you found the industry didn’t fit you. What would you do?” Come to think of it, I was  amazed that he asked me to answer the question by myself rather than giving his advice directly. It made me fully convinced. I said, “I wouldn’t regret, because I could make my focus and did my best thanks to my dream. I’ve got a lot of and variety of outcomes along the way. They will help me get through another career if I have to.”


To be honest, I was afraid. Having only two semesters left before graduation, I sometimes come to think that “the industry might doesn’t fit me well.” But I even couldn’t consider other career paths beside the industry, fearing to abandon all things I’ve leaned and got in the industry although all they are just sunken costs. His advice helped me think that I have to look for more opportunities. Even if the same industry comes as a conclusion afterward, It worth trying. “‘DON’T SETTLE, KEEP LOOKING'”.

2. Let’s do what I love and what I am good at, not just looking cool.

All the careers I’ve considered so far was something cool in my perspective. Some of them were not what I can excel others and I love. It could mean I will be unhappy with the job. He explained all the bad results of too much stress from an unhappy job. Doing what I love to do and being happy with the job is probably one of the keys to success. Also, it is a ‘sustainable’ career.


3. Let’s be a role model as a Christian. 

All though  he is protestant and I am catholic, we all are Christian. He is a great role model as a Christian for me. Talking with him, I was able to feel how a good man he is through his bright smile like a kid, his happy and healthy face, and his warm words. I was a lot worried if being Christian means having disadvantages in the business world because it requires a lot of ‘not-to-do’ list; especially in a society like Korea where work comes first and you have to do whatever your boss want you to do, it is hard to refuse many things against your ethical standards. He also had to get through all the struggles and conflicts, and he finally made it. He even pointed his faith as his key to success.

I hope I can be a man someday, who has overcome the most challenging obstacles and has been able to take good care of his family, faith, and personal happiness so that a young man like me today can have a hope that he can make it too, he can have a wonderful life as long as he does his best.

[NOTICE: I share my thoughts and experiences in English so that I can get feedback from all around the world. Therefore, It will be very appreciated if you leave any comment on my typo, grammo, thoughts or whatever. Please help me grow. Thanks]


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