It’s always a pleasure to recommend a book I love!

Last year, being in Utah, I was so impressed by Mormon friends that I couldn’t help but eager to learn their attitude toward life. That made me read <The Mormon Way of Doing Business>. It became one of my favorite books that have changed my life.



At that time I often visited a blogger who studies at Stanford and writes about Silicon Valley and his journey on life, and I found him very impressed by his Mormon professor, boss, and friends! So I recommended this book! and he wrote this great article( after his reading!

Come to think of it, I feel kind of funny because I’ve recommended this book themost although I am a Catholic. You know what, the book that I give as a gift most often is <MAY ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY>, which is from a Buddhist monk! I can learn from every where! right? Anyway, I am going to attend the blogger’s lecture today! Yay!




[NOTICE: I share my thoughts and experiences in English so that I can get feedback from all around the world. Therefore, It will be very appreciated if you leave any comment on my typo, grammo, thoughts or whatever. Please help me grow. Thanks]


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